Friday, 13 April 2012

Using Internet Images

For a long time it has bothered me that our students were going straight to google for images, and copying and pasting images that they did not have permission to use. But difficult to say much when I could not offer an alternative. 

But this year, we were introduced to compfight at the start-of-year tech inservice by Chrissy Hellyer. Now towards the end of the year, I can happily report that my students will automatically go to compfight for pictures, but not only this! If Flickr doesn't have pictures they like, they will not go to Google but will instead try other Creative Commons or free images sites which they have discovered off their own bat! Self-Directed Positive Learners* indeed!

Here's the lesson I have been using, which is saved on our network so that students who forget steps can access it at any time.

Using Compfight for Internet images
* Self-Directed Positive Learner: One of the seven Essential Qualities of JIS Learners

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