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Grade 5 Reflecting on Learning

A large part of our most useful assessment in Grade 5 is in the form of student reflection.
Students are encouraged to think and write about some of these things:
  • what they've been learning (knowledge and skills)
  • how they are learning
  • why they are learning
  • what they feel they have done well
  • what was challenging
  • what they might improve on
  • how learning has changed their viewpoints
  • how learning will change their actions
  • what they are still wondering about
  • how they see themselves as JIS Learners
  • how they show the JIS Values
Often these reflections are written as blog posts. Have a look. These are reflections following the unit Climate Control which ended with publishing the animal stories. These were lifted off the students' blogs which are only shared within our class.

From "Charlotte's 5th Grade Blog"

Climate Control Reflection

We've been learning about climate control. I've learned a lot from this unit. I learned about how the green house effect works. Also how burning fossil fuels can pollute the earth and how it gets made. I also learned about renewable energy and how it makes energy and doesn't pollute the earth like burning fossil fuels.When we were working on our animal stories I also learned some new information. I learned about the polar bears life style and what it likes to eat. What we need to do to help and why global warming is effecting their home.
      I've also learned some new skills, especially when doing our the animal story. A new skill that I learned was pasting a recording into your blog or in dragon tales. Also how to be careful picking pictures on the Internet because you might not be able to use them. We also learned how to do an audio. I've also learned how to write a story but being another person or species. I also learned how to comment on a persons blog, but saying good comments. Also I learned how to use a microscope which was really interesting.
     But there is one part that I enjoyed the most about this unit in Climate Control. I enjoyed doing the presentation on renewable energy because I learned a lot of new information and how it really helps the earth.
     Learning about this unit not only had given me new information but it has changed me as a person. When we were talking about fossil fuels it made me turn off my lights and AC more often because I want our earth to be clean and better place for us and animals to live in. Also when we were writing our animal stories it made me think if I were that polar bear living in the Arctic but now with frozen ice, but with melting ice and not enough food for me to eat. As I remembered that, I've been changing how I live so that I could try to make a change.
     I think that this unit really helped me learn more about how to be more active in helping to stop global warming. I also thought that this unit was really fun because we got to do a lot of group activities which made me stronger in working together with other people.
    In the future I will try to recycle more and not throw away my empty cans and bottles. I will try to not use the water so much. I will try to turn off the AC and lights as much as possible. I'll try not to use the the car to much and maybe ride a bike or walk.
    This unit was a fun unit to work on, I hope to do those things that I said that I would try to do.

From "Kyrene's Grade 5 Blog"

 The climate change unit

We are finishing of the climate change unit and these are some of my thoughts about the unit. Also what I learned and some things that I will do to stop climate change.
     I learned lots of things that I hadn't known before. First I didn't know what the greenhouse effect was and then after the climate change unit I found that it was when some greenhouse gases trap sunlight in the earth making it warmer instead of reflecting the sunlight back into space it is trapped on earth making the climate warmer. I also learnt about renewable energy.
     I also learnt that because of climate change many animals will start dying out because when the earth heats up and the ice melts then there won't be much ice left for the animals who live in cold weather and because of the heat they may be not cold enough and then they will start dying out and then the food chain will be ruined. I also learnt about some animals that were affected by climate change the animal that I mainly learnt about was the arctic fox and how its affected by climate change.
     I also learnt some skills in the climate change unit. I learnt how to use sound recorder and make a podcast of me reading aloud my story about an animal that was affected by climate change. I also learnt how to insert something into Dragontales, a website where we can share videos, pictures and audio files. I also learnt how to insert an audio file into blogger. I also learnt how to use the microscope.
     The best thing that I learned was that if we can help by stop using electronics and wasting water and wasting paper we can stop climate change and help animals who are effected by climate change.
     Since we have started this unit it has changed me in many different ways I have come to realise that because of us humans maybe there won't be a next generation of people and there might not be any more animals in the world.
      I thought that this unit was very useful because it taught me things that I hadn't know before and that it has made me realise if I don't stop cotributing to global warming there might not be any more animals, humans or trees left in the world.
      After learning about climate change I have decided to stop wasting water and paper and to stop using private transportation and more public transport and that I have stopped using too much electricty. I also have started to recycle more.
     This unit has taught me alot and I hope to find out more about climate change and how I can help. 

Any comments posted which are for Charlotte or Kyrene will be pasted on their blogs by me.

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