Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Student-Led Conferences and Parents

With Student-Led Conferences coming up this is what I send to parents in advance. When parents are fully aware of how the conference will work they and the children will get so much more from the experience.

Dear Parents,

In Student-Led Conferences students lead their parents through different aspects of their learning. Your child will talk about his or her learning identifying areas of growth as a JIS Learner. For all the statements they make about their learning, they will show evidence which could be in many different formats and may be from multiple subject areas. (Before the conference the students will have practice in sharing and explaining their learning through role play.) 

Why Student-Led Conferences?
SLCs allow students to discuss their work with their parents in the language that best suits the family – even if this is not the teacher’s language.
SLCs help parents to understand how their child sees his or her learning.
SLCs give the child the opportunity to show how he or she has accepted responsibility for learning.
SLCs promote reflection and engagement with learning.
SLCs show development of Learning Competencies.*
So, for this to work, your child must be present for this conference!

There will be a short time where you can talk just with me or you can of course schedule another appointment after the SLC.

Best regards,..........etc

* Learning Competencies:
  • Being resourceful
  • Relating to Others
  • Managing Self
  • Contributing

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