Monday, 13 February 2012

Sunday and Evernote

For a good part of yesterday, I investigated Evernote. It's been tweeted so much I had to have a look.

I started with a blog post from Bec Spink Miss Spink on Tech which had a really useful Prezi about Evernote. I joined up and started to enter student names to see how that worked. Then I took my iPod touch and added Evernote to it, took some photos and saw how they ended up in the various notebooks.

I created a notebook for each student and thought it would be great to have a writing section also for each student, and then one for reading which seemed to require a stack for each student. About half way through the creation of those, I then stopped and thought, "Why do I need these?" I already have collections in Google Docs for writing. And THEN I realised that actually I should have jotted down my needs first!

After some thinking time, I have just one notebook for each student. I am going to try adding photos of work to these, as that is not organised by me anywhere else. I also thought it might be useful to have an audio recording of the student reading e.g. the DRA2 passage where I do the running record, which I could then replay. If I had done this at beginning of the year too, I could see changes.

I think this will be enough to be doing to start! I am, after all, doing this on my own. How much easier would it be if I was doing this with a collaborator....

And for the next PD session, I have Justin Stallings' LiveBinder, Evernote for Educators bookmarked and ready to go!

So that could be next Sunday taken care of!


  1. Hi Lindy,

    Great to see you using Evernote!

    How has it been going?

    Do you find it useful?


    Bec Spink

  2. Hi Bec,

    Thanks for commenting!

    It has been a bit start and go with Evernote to be honest. Got a bit side-tracked. I am hoping to have my new class set up when I have a few days before school starts at the end of July. I think the idea is not to try to do too much - at least to start with. I love the way I can take photos with my iPod and they go straight to my Evernote. I aim to use it mainly for anecdotal notes I think!