Friday, 24 February 2012

All Mac All Day...

Watching this video, "Iridescent Classroom" by Ira David Socol, in a blog post tweeted this evening by Mrs C got me thinking about how my classroom will look next year when I have a class set of macs. It won't be 1:1 as the laptops won't be taken home, but having those macs there will mean no having to get into the school booking calendar early to see when a netbook cart is free and working my lessons around that time.

I am starting to collect as many videos and photos of elementary classrooms which have laptops available all day for students to use. Having those laptops all day will also mean we can change the way we do things. 

My classroom is already a room where students are learning through Inquiry. We often have the netbook cart in the room for a couple of hours a day, for students to use for word-processing, watching videos, researching in World Book online, Brain Pop, searching on the internet, looking for images (on Flikr using compfight), creating prezis, PowerPoints, etc. We also have a huge number of library books that go with our unit work as well as our classroom library of 600 odd books. 

The whole process is very exciting, if not easy. One thing to dream, another to put those dreams into practice.

Luckily there are lots of teachers going through this process. As I search, I am finding the most useful way to collect samples and pictures and videos is in a LiveBinder

Easy then to share with colleagues!

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