Friday, 1 June 2012

Using Twitter - 1 Minute PD

A few years ago our school issued teachers with copies of the book Understanding by Design. As one of the UbD trainers, I tried to think how I could get people to be reading it. You know what it's like. People are busy. There aren't enough PD days to do everything. 
So I started sending out  a short "quote of the day" with the page number so those interested could go directly there and read a bit more if they liked.
  e.g. From Understanding By Design, page  98
         "Empathy is warm; perspective is cool."
I called this "1 Minute PD" since it only took a minute (or less)  to read the email!
That worked Ok. A few teachers were following the quote to the book. But what I wasn't expecting was that I'd get replies to the quote by email or personally, or I'd go to the faculty room and I'd hear it being discussed. This "1 Minute PD" was generating discussion about many aspects of UbD. And it was happening on a daily basis.
Then..... I rediscovered Twitter! 
What a wealth of educational wisdom to share in 1 Minute PD!
Today I send a daily "1 Minute PD" to the faculty at my campus and the focus is Inquiry, or tech integration or better still, Literacy integration when I can find it.  I add links to great blog posts that I have read that I feel will fit what we are trying to accomplish. Now we have all this wonderful information, expertise and ideas to think and talk about.
Recent examples:

24 May
5 ways to think about Creativity

28 May
How do we teaching critical thinking in a connected world?

31 May
Embedding technology in the classroom - great advice!

Of course if my colleagues were all on Twitter they could do all this for themselves!  #taskfornextyear 

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