Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Legacy of... "Legacies"

An inquiry unit called "Legacies" (first mentioned in this blog last year) has had its final inquiring.... We won't be studying history in this same way next year. 

As I have watched my students learning through this unit, I have been thinking about the aspects I don't want to lose, even though we will lose the unit.

Thinking about a strong introduction/provocation. See the link above.
Thinking about freedom of choice to choose an area of interest to study. How did we do this? Students browsed a variety of library books about times past from different places. They browsed websites on a LiveBinder, "So Many Legacies" . They wandered and wondered taking note of items, sites, stories that sparked their interest.

Thinking about what the unit is about and what it isn't about. I think this is so important. The boundaries, based on the standards and benchmarks, need to be clear.
Thinking about engagement. So important for the unit to IGNITE passion! Students want to be inquiring. They don't want to stop at breaktime! Some EVEN feel the need to dress the part before they start work each day....
Thinking about the Historical Fiction reading unit that runs along side the history and geography. We picked a different element each day and talked about it briefly before students read their chosen book from the historical fiction selection. Students met in Book Clubs and reflected on how that element appeared in their books.

Thinking about freedom to work with 1 partner, 2 partners or no partners... based on managing distractions. And no one chose to work alone.

Thinking about sharing the learning. Always great to watch and listen. That's when you know if students have succeeded.

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  1. This is great but....Why won't you be studying history in the same way?

    1. Hi Louise,
      I think I meant that we're moving from history of objects and/or ideas to specifically a study of conflict. Unit is as yet unplanned. It seems a heavy topic to me in comparison, but we'll see!

  2. Hi Lindy

    Lovely post! here's my second attempt to comment - the first disappeared into the ether! I love your analysis of what made this inquiry work - a great way to help ensure that other inquiries attend to these vital characteristics. Engagement through provocation, freedom, choice and collaboration. Thanks for a great post. Kath

    1. Hi Kath,

      How funny! that happened to me too! Thanks for the comment!