Friday, 2 December 2011

First Post and Chorus...

I have finally got started on a blog, that is to say, a proper blog not counting the 2 blogs I have had as Mrs Buckley which are geared only to my grade 5 classes, where I give them advice on how to follow their peers, comment on peers' posts, reflect on their learning and other things I feel are useful.

Many of the tweets I receive in my twitter feed say teachers need to be blogging. Saying you are no good at writing isn't an excuse, though I don't think that's me. I can write letters to parents using reasonable turns of phrase and am practised at word-smithing Enduring Understandings and the like. Having no time is not an excuse either! If I am honest I'd have to say I don't particularly like writing. But of course that won't work either. If I expect my students to do it I should too!

This will be a very basic, no frills blog! All those gidgets and fancy stuff I see on other people's blogs will only appear here if my class's excellent tech teacher shows them and me how to do it. Of course if I want fluffy bunnies, swimming fish, cute puppies, horse of the day, etc., etc. all I need to do is ask one of my students!

So there we go. First post done!

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